Sunday, June 02, 2013

Announcing VPOD: 'Virginia Politics On Demand -- Conservative Reason for the Commonwealth'

 [Originally posted on May 14, 2013]

There's a new source for conservative commentary and political analysis in Virginia. Up and going for only three weeks, it is already making inroads into the conservative political blogosphere.

Some of Virginia’s best writers, broadcasters, and humorists -- and all keen conservative political observers – have launched “Virginia Politics On Demand,” a new Web site for information and commentary.

The site offers insightful analysis and original information to the Virginia political conversation.

"Many political web sites focus on advocacy, and there's a need for that, but our goal is to be more analytical and original," said J.R. Hoeft, the publisher of VPOD. "We want to help Virginians understand why something is happening, not why we want something to happen; and, we want to provide unique information, not something you can read somewhere else."

In addition to politics, the site will provide perspective on history, economics, society and culture, and how they affect today's political landscape. Two opinion leaders will also offer their thoughts on major topic, but from different conservative perspectives, and the audience will have the opportunity to vote as to which policy position they support.

The contributors to VPOD include conservatives from every corner of the Commonwealth and have decades of political and media experience. Additionally, VPOD welcomes radio personality Steve Batton and cartoonist Kurt Michael who each offer their unique talents to the line up. In addition to Hoeft, Batton, and Michael, are Alton Foley, Jason Johnson, Wayne Ozmore, Andrew Schwartz, Scott Hirons, Tim Donner, Stephen Spiker, Jason Miyares, Rick Sincere, Steve Thomas, Mike Thomas, and Lynn Mitchell.

Besides the web site, VPOD can be found on Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to keep up with all the latest by subscribing to our free newsletter for alerts and regular updates. Interested parties can also subscribe to a free newsletter for alerts and regular updates.

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