Sunday, June 09, 2013

Highland County phone service out - UPDATED: Service restored

The Recorder is reporting that phone service has been out all day for Highland County. The latest updates on Facebook noted:
So it appears there is at least a countywide (Highland) problem with cell service and long distance. Both have been down all afternoon. No answers yet but we're working on finding out what's going on. This issue may extend at least in to Augusta and Rockingham as well. We'll keep you posted.
And this ...
In the Highlands, still, even if long-distance callers try calling residents here, they will get the superfast busy signal. We tested. The Recorder is trying to get some answers tonight.... but you Highlanders should consider yourselves on "the island" for now. At least the Internet still works ... use your email and Facebook and Twitter, etc., to communicate outside our borders.
UPDATE 10:15 pm: Service has been restored. The Recorder wrote on Facebook, "Long distance and cell service has returned to the Highlands! Still trying to find out what happened...."

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