Saturday, June 01, 2013

Roller coaster temperatures ... what a difference a week makes


A nice morning breeze made working in the yard a comfortable experience earlier on this first day of June. SWAC Husband was repairing his garden gate, expecting to have at least until after noon to work on his project since the weather forecast had suggested today's high temps would be in the mid-80s.

By 11:00, with a sweat-drenched shirt, he put away his tools and we finally turned on the air conditioning. Even though there is still a slight breeze outside, the humidity feels like it has crept up. Perhaps it's the build-up from the past three days of hot temperatures.

It's hard to believe that a week ago today we woke to 33 degrees and frost on the grass and cars. A few days later, high temps topped out at 93 degrees, and it's been warm ever since. What a roller coaster spring we've had! The forecast says 70s for next week. Hope so ... I've got outdoor stuff to do. Enjoy the sunny day!

Photo by Lynn R. Mitchell
May 2013

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