Thursday, October 10, 2013

Former Gov. Douglas Wilder endorses Terry McAuliffe

Former Democratic Virginia Governor Douglas Wilder is respected by many for his lack of blind party loyalty, sometimes leaving people hanging on to the edge of their seats wondering whether he will be endorsing Democrats or Republicans in any given election. This year's gubernatorial election was no exception.

Today Governor Wilder endorsed Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe who expressed his gratitude in a statement:
"I am honored to have the support of Governor Doug Wilder. Governor Wilder has a long record of responsible budgeting and working with members of both parties to get things done, exactly the opposite of what we are seeing happen in Washington where Ted Cruz and Ken Cuccinelli's extreme Tea Party allies have held the government hostage to drive their extreme ideological agenda. As governor, I will work in a bipartisan way to focus on growing and diversifying the Commonwealth's economy and creating more opportunities for all Virginians."
Wilder shared his reasons for the endorsement with the Washington Post:
Wilder told The Post Thursday that the federal government shutdown, and the polarized Washington politics behind it, have helped convince him that McAuliffe is the right man to lead Virginia.

“The thing that’s going on at the national level — we’re so close to it — we could show that we are not affected by it and we are going to move forward,” Wilder said. “We are not going to separate into enclaves — this group, that group. It’s not a matter of pitting one group against the other group.”
Read the entire article here. This is a solid endorsement for McAuliffe.

Governor Wilder, a Richmond attorney who began serving his district in the Virginia General Assembly in 1969, was elected governor of Virginia in 1990, the first African-American governor since Reconstruction.

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