Friday, October 11, 2013

Madison supervisors ask Congress to reopen Shenandoah National Park

Wouldn't it be great to see every county adjoining Shenandoah National Park take the same action as the Madison County supervisors by asking Congress to reopen Shenandoah National Park [link]? For many, it's difficult to watch as nearby businesses suffer from the closure and endure the lack of tourist traffic at this time of year when millions travel to the mountains for the colorful autumn leaf season.

Graves Mountain Lodge in Madison County is feeling the pinch at the time of year when their parking lots are usually blown out with vehicles and tourists:
"The next three weeks are going to be the main time for foliage," said Jimmy Graves with Graves Mountain Lodge on Thursday. "You've got the businesses on top of the mountain, they're closed and so ... yes it's an impact because you don't have the people here whether they'd come to eat lunch, some would spend the night, but they're going other places. Normally this time of year we would probably have another 50 people coming hiking, eating, would be more than 100 cars a day going to White Oak (Canyon), probably more than that going to Old Rag.

"We are losing money from the park being closed - everyone around the park is losing money," he said.
Some attractions are set to reopen on the Blue Ridge Parkway ... it's past time to reopen Shenandoah National Park. [link]

End the government shutdown.

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Kathy Baughman said...

Any chance of it opening this week?