Monday, October 14, 2013

Mabry Mill Restaurant reopened amid government shutdown

 Mabry Mill

Breakfast on the Blue Ridge Parkway is available again (along with lunch and dinner) at Mabry Mill Restaurant at the historic mill.

Blue Ridge Muse Douglas Thompson reported that the coffee is perking and pancakes are again on the grill.

There was this puzzling comment from the National Park Service:
A spokesman for the National Park Service said Thursday they are not encouraging businesses operated by private vendors to reopen, they won’t stop those who do.
Thankfully, for travelers and locals, Mabry Mill is back on the grid although the government shutdown didn't help things:
Radcliff said Mabry Mill is “definitely open through Oct. 31″ but lost at least $65,000 for the 10 days that it was closed because of the continuing government shutdown.

The attraction was closed last weekend at what was considered the “peak” time for autumn colors on this part of the Parkway.
Peaks of Otter Lodge has also reopened amid the shutdown.

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