Monday, October 28, 2013

October afternoon on the back roads of Page County

Sunday was a perfect autumn afternoon in the Shenandoah Valley with cool temps and sunshine during the 2013 leaf season. SWAC Son and I set out with our cameras to roam the back roads along the western slopes of the Blue Ridge Mountains, stopping and snapping leaves, creeks, ponds, and mountains.

 Leaves are at three stages -- some are still green, others are brilliant reds and oranges, while some trees are already bare, their leaves fallen to the ground. Many oaks had dull brown leaves waiting to fall but we were in search of the brilliant reds and yellows that stand out on the mountain slopes.
 Horseback riders under the tree prepared for an afternoon ride deeper into the mountains.

 Leaf color seems a bit more muted this year but the colors still made a beautiful display.

Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell
Adventures with SWAC Son
October 27, 2013

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