Saturday, April 05, 2014

Jenna's interview of her dad, President George W. Bush

Friday I posted on my Facebook page:
Fantastic interview today by Jenna Bush Hager of her dad W as they looked at the portraits he has painted of world leaders, and his memories of each. The president's mentor in politics and painting is Winston Churchill. I love the interaction between father and daughter -- these two kindred spirits. His favorite and most admired person is his dad Bush #41 ... a son admiring his father whom he considers a gentle soul. They were joined live by his mom Barbara Bush looking at W's portrait of Bush #41 who joked, "That's my husband?"

She had gotten up early -- "This is it? I got up at 4:30 for this?" she joked to granddaughter Jenna. "Love you," Jenna said. "Love you, too," Mrs. Bush told Jenna. I very much admire this family....
See Jeanna's interview here.

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