Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Advance: Sunday morning coffee & donuts with Atty. General Bob McDonnell

Atty. General Bob McDonnell greets supporter

The invitations that were distributed throughout The Homestead read:

Attorney General
Bob McDonnell
Maureen McDonnell
Cordially invite you to
Coffee and Donuts
"To Go"
Tower Suite
Sunday Morning
8:30-11:00 a.m.

View of The Homestead grounds from Tower Suite

What a great idea! "To go" cups were provided for coffee or hot tea along with donuts for those who wanted to grab it on the way out the door heading home after the weekend's Republican Advance. For others who wanted to visit for a while, china plates and cups were provided for sitting a spell.

Besides coffee and donuts to go, this morning also offered a wonderful opportunity to thank our Attorney General for being with us this weekend and for the job he does for Virginians. Bob and Maureen are down-to-earth people who are appreciative of the hard work that goes into campaigns ... and are gracious about being sure the people behind that hard work are thanked.

The Tower Suite was buzzing with folks when we arrived ... Delegate Ben Cline and Elizabeth, Kathy Terry, Governor Jim Gilmore, Delegate Chris Saxman and family, Kate Obenshain Griffin, Juanita Ballenger,Trixie Averill, Chuck Slemp, Nicole Riley, CRs, and many others milled about saying goodbye or laughing over the fun they had during the weekend.

Maureen McDonnell and Delegate Ben Cline

Bob McDonnell and GOP activist Trixie Averill

After visiting one last time with friends, and with "to go" cups in hand, we are about to leave The Homestead with our morning caffeine (and sugar) fix ... thanks to Bob and Maureen McDonnell.

(Photos by SWAC Girl)

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