Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Virginia Blog Carnival

Check out the seasonally-decorated blog site at Cat House Chat for this week's Virginia Blog Carnival. Kat has even included a SWAC Girl posting, to my pleasant surprise since I hadn't contributed to the Carnival -- I'm still getting my sea legs in the blogosphere -- so I thank her for including mention of the tribute to my "very-patient-while-she-works-politics" husband:

Romance at The Homestead.... is a lovely post by SWAC Girl! It's full of beautiful pictures, and how wonderful to see another long-time happily married couple. I'll hit 25 years in 5 more, and I'm blessed with an awesome husband, too. Guys (well, and gals as well), take note of how to romance your love!

Next week's Carnival will be at Jason Kenney's blog. Kat says submit your entries -- especially the ones celebrating Christmas -- to the submit post link, or to vablogcarnival -at- gmail -dot- com.

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