Sunday, December 10, 2006

LTE: "I already regret voting for Jim Webb"

Hmm.... Wonder how many others feel the same way?

There's a Letter to the Editor in today's Richmond Times-Dispatch that cuts to the chase. In the days after the election when I talked with citizens who had voted for Jim Webb, I asked what it was about him they liked. Not a single one said it was anything about Webb they voted for but, rather, they voted for change. My response was: To the unknown?

I wonder how many of them now wish they had voted for the Virginia gentleman they already had representing them?

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

I already regret voting for Jim Webb. Perhaps he could transfer his services to the Mexican National Congress, which seems to share his standards of civility and legislative behavior.

Margaret Henry


Anonymous said...

You must travel in a very closed extreme right wing circle. The folks I am hearing from are thrilled with Jim Webb.

The Richmond Tiumes Dispatch....LOL...Richmonders have been "dissatisfied" with this right wing rag of a paper for a very long time..


Lynn R. Mitchell said...

The Webb voters I asked were not acquaintances but, rather, people I talked with while out and about.

I'm a native Richmonder so I grew up with the Times-Dispatch (which actually used to be a morning and evening newspaper).

The area is predominantly conservative so the paper still serves them. However, having said that, the RTD has become much more liberal over the years. Many newspapers nationwide are liberal; it's nice to have one that is somewhat conservative.

Buzz..Buzz... SPLAT!!

Anonymous said...

IF you are going to use that propganda slogan--liberal media--that the corporate media puts out why don't you back it up.

Please direct me to some "liberal" articles that you have read in the corporate media.....

I hang with LOTS of Webb supporters and I'll repeat...We are thrilled with what Webb....No regrets.


Lynn R. Mitchell said...

The "propaganda slogan" is in your eyes and, since you are a partisan lib dem, I will not waste time researching. All you have to do is open your local newspaper and turn on CNN, ABC, NBC, or CBS to see glaring examples.

Of course you hang with "lots of Webb supporters" ... you worked to elect him ... so you won't hear from others who are now regretting their vote. The people I've talked with are swing voters ... the ones who tipped Webb over the top ... and they have now said they would vote differently if they had seen Webb's White House behavior before Election Day.