Thursday, December 14, 2006

Help for military needed at Brooke Army Medical Center, TX

Thanks for the generosity!

After putting the word out about items needed for our wounded American troops at Walter Reed Hospital, the hospital is now overflowing with donations and they are grateful for everyone's kind-heartedness. Since they are out of storage space for all the donated goods, let's cease and desist!

Instead ... there's another facility that needs our help.

Brooke Army Medical Center in Texas takes care of our burned soldiers as well as amputees ... and they need and want items.

Many of these soldiers and their families live in the facility for months as they recover. Requested items are needed year round so this doesn't need to be just a Christmas project.

Requested items:
1) Wal-mart gift cards (these are especially sought after because the local Wal-Mart sells gas and offers one-stop shopping)
2) Pre-paid calling cards
3) Postage Stamps
4) DVDs (even for kids since families are there)
5) Microwave popcorn
6) Hats
7) Gloves
8) Socks
9) Underwear (all sizes)
10) Tennis shoes w/velcro
11) Winter coats/jackets
12) Weightlifting gloves for wheelchair patients
13) Trousers w/snaps, zips along the legs
14) Razors (please purchase a decent disposable because the cheap ones are awful on their face and skin - not their request but ours)
15) Basic toiletry items (shaving creme, toothpaste, toothbrushes, lotions, shampoo)

All items should be new, sealed, fresh, and clean. No used items please. Many families literally pack up and re-locate to be with their loved ones and basically start a new life so Brooke does what they can to help the families make the transition.

Send donated items to:

Family Assistance Center
ATTN: Judith Markelz
2013 Stanley Rd., Suite 95
Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234

Thanks to Mew. She and I hooked up two years ago when coordinating help for our troops on both sides of Afton Mountain. She has dedicated her life to this and, though handicapped, she works hard to get what is needed for our men and women stationed overseas. My hat is off to her and thanks for keeping us informed about what is needed.

Mew's definition of a hero:

1. A person noted for feats of courage or nobility purpose; especially one who has made risks or sacrifice.
2. An object of extreme admiration and devotion.
3. An American Soldier.

I would add Mew as the example of a hero.

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