Friday, December 01, 2006

Roanoke Times goes after Ed Gillespie

Do they accuse RPV Chair-to-be of "Webb-like" tactics?

Surprise, surprise. The Roanoke Times is attacking Ed Gillespie who will be voted in Saturday as the new Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia.

In the very first paragraph they say:

... his record augurs caustic elections to come that will deny the commonwealth informed debate.

Oh? You mean such as the recent Jim Webb campaign when the rabid Webb supporters couldn't find a rumor against George Allen that they didn't like?

Where was the Roanoke Times during all the Webbie blogging attacks on Allen for everything they could come up with, real or imagined?

Where was the Roanoke Times when George Allen and conservative bloggers asked to discuss the issues?

They disparage Gillespie for acts that occurred during his watch as head of the RNC during the 2004 Bush campaign including the Swift Boat attack on John Kerry. They write:

"Party activists besmirched the character of a Vietnam veteran who served with distinction, and Gillespie was leading the charge."

You mean ... you mean ... such as the attacks by Jim Webb and his camp when they besmirched the reputation of Senator George Allen?

Where is the Roanoke Times in criticizing Virginia Democrat head Dickie Cranwell for being at the head of their Party during that time?

The hypocrisy in the mainstream media and elsewhere is disgusting when fingers are always pointed to the Republican Party, which by-and-large takes the high road ... while giving the Democrat Party a pass by not criticizing their tactics.

I read some place where Ed Gillespie was compared to the late Lee Atwater. I admired Lee Atwater ... and have felt the Republican Party has been lacking in the cut-throat tactics sometimes necessary for campaigns since his untimely death.

Before you sputter and have a cow ... this is politics, folks. It's not Ring-Around-the-Rosies. It's time for Republicans to fight fire with fire. It's time to take the gloves off. It's time to meet the Webbies with some of their own tactics.

I say having someone with the take-no-prisoners attitude of Ed Gillespie is exactly what we need. Bring it on!

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