Sunday, December 03, 2006

Romance at The Homestead....

I'm a sucker for romance ... and, thankfully, I've been married the past 25 years to a romantic. This man remembers everything - birthdays, anniversaries, holidays. If I just mention liking something, he will buy it for me. I had to learn to moderate what I said once we had children and finances were strapped ... but I love him for loving me that much.

The Homestead is just plain ... romantic! The ambiance, the setting, the little nooks and crannies where one can duck away and sit quietly talking, the pathways around the grounds which are decorated at this time of year with Christmas lights, the fireplaces that offer cozy snuggling places, the fireplace in our room....

Last night just before midnight, as others were partying in the hospitality suites, my husband and I donned heavy coats and gloves and strolled the grounds in the dark and admired the Christmas lights. This morning I'm happier for strolling instead of partying ... the crisp coldness of morning is a seasonal welcome that we're in winter ... and there's no hangover to mar the day.

The Homestead.... I don't know what decisions have been made for next year's Republican Advance ... but my vote goes for returning to this beautiful little corner of Virginia so that we can, once again, slow the pace and enjoy a romantic respite from the hectic pace of politics and campaigns. As for the 2006 Advance ... thanks for the memories.

(Photos by SWAC Girl)

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Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Awww, come on, Patriot Fan. You're married ... AND young!! Not "eeeew" but "wow"! :)