Thursday, December 07, 2006

Snow flurries in Shenandoah Valley!

Snow flurries make it feel Christmasy!

SWAC Girl's daughter catches the first snowflakes of the season

While putting finishing Christmas touches at our house ... and with the little white lights twinkling outside in the evening dusk ... the snow started coming down making it feel very seasonal! Already the deck is covered.

The mountains of West Virginia (visible from SWAC Girl's house) are expecting 6 inches of the white stuff tonight. The forecast for our area is for only a dusting or perhaps a tad more.

But ... oh the excitement of the first heavy snow flurries of the season!

And ... oh the excitement of SWAC Girl's snowboarding kids who are waiting for the slopes to open!

(Photo by SWAC Girl)

Update: Wind advisory in mountains. Temperature in the teens here; high Friday of 35 degrees.

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