Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Did Muslim vote in Virginia swing Senate control?

There is an interesting read over at Red State where California Yankee writes that the Detroit Free Press reported Muslims were key to the November elections -- especially the election in Virginia.

Muslim taxi drivers in Northern Virginia are said to have taken the day off so they could drive fellow Muslims to the polls, and Muslim volunteers made Get Out The Vote calls to other Muslims.

Reportedly 50,000 Muslims voted ... and 47,000 voted for Jim Webb and not George Allen. The statistics say 96% of them will vote Democrat. That's staggering.

Do those statistics make us think that perhaps we should pay attention to the possible political influence of this segement of our population? Perhaps some elected officials know more about this situation than they're given credit for?

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Kenton said...

Well, Virgil Goode isn't exactly helping the Republican cause with this demographic, now is he?