Sunday, December 31, 2006

Bob Goodlatte's perfect voting record

6th District Representative - Shenandoah Valley

Congressman Bob Goodlatte has a perfect voting record. Out of 1,214 votes recorded over the past two years, he missed exactly -- none.

That on top of visiting the 6th District on a regular basis to hold townhall meetings, attend events, meet with constituents ... he has truly represented us well.

Thank you, Congressman Goodlatte. Congratulations on your re-election. And best wishes for 2007 from the Valley!

H/T to Kilo

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Unknown said...

Robert Goodlatte missed 69 of 10856 roll call votes (1%) since Jan 5, 1993. The graph below shows the percent of roll call votes Robert Goodlatte was absent for during the member’s time in Congress.