Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It's "1984"

Big Brother Jimmy is watching....

This was eye-opening. Shaun Kenney reported the Webb campaign compiled and kept files on bloggers -- especially conservative bloggers -- during the Allen campaign.

It seems as if the Webb campaign made a strategic decision to unleash this opposition research if something damaging came out against their candidate, simply to personally slander the blogger making the claim.

Read the entire post here including names of bloggers on the list, and check back for updates ... apparently it's still developing.


Anonymous said...

You kind of got it backwards. The post says that the Webb campaign conducted research on progressive bloggers in case the Allen campaign attempted to somehow launch a smear campaign involving the bloggers.

If you're going to attack someone, it's probably a good idea to get your facts straight

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

The post named conservative bloggers as well as lefty ones. Go back to Shaun Kenney's original post and read ... I think I've got my facts straight but thanks for the advice.