Saturday, December 16, 2006

The "War on Christmas" continues

Interesting read over at VDARE about the continuation of the War on Christmas ... the one that some on the left say doesn't exist.

In "No War on Christmas? Ask Sasha Cohen," VDARE lets us know about this latest episode in political correctness. An article in the says:

The Rubidoux High School Madrigals in Riverside, California, broke off in the middle of God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman at a rink where Sasha Cohen, a US Olympic medal winner, was performing in front of fans.

Staci Della-Rocco, the director of the choir, said she complied with the request by a city council employee and police officer to silence the children because "I didn't want to have a big old huge scene in front of my kids".

The article went on to say:

Cohen, 22, however, was "stunned" to learn the choir had been ordered to stop singing on her account, her mother said.

The 2006 Olympic silver medallist is half-Christian and "celebrates everything" at this time of year, said Galina Cohen. "Sasha was stunned. We both thought the voices were just lovely, they were doing such a wonderful job. Christmas carols are part of celebrating the holiday season."

Because of this post, I also found VDARE's archives which were fascinating because they listed cases of politically-correct attacks on Christmas dating back to 2000. This website is serious in its efforts to document how the left has tried to subvert Christmas in America. I've got some reading to do to catch up with all he's written....

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