Sunday, December 10, 2006

"We support the troops" ... Oh, really?

While watching John Gibson's "Big Story" on Fox News Channel (FNC) Friday afternoon, I heard a story -- for the first time -- about an anti-war protester allegedly spitting in the face of a military member in an airport in Syracuse, NY. Mr. Gibson reported:

"A Syracuse woman is accused of spitting in a Fort Drum soldier's face at Hancock Airport. Lauren Maggi, 35, was charged with second-degree harassment after the Nov. 22 incident, according to a police report.

So it is Vietnam all over again, now that the Democrats have won. Now we have anti-war protesters living again the darkest days of the Vietnam War, when American soldiers got off the plane and anti-war types spit on them."

Mr. Gibson went on to say:

Did this soldier get spit on because he or she fought in the war, or because re-enlistment rates are running at record levels, or because somebody who is against the war is so frustrated with Bush and Cheney and Rummy that everybody in uniform is the same as the commander in chief? Who knows.

This is wrong, it is out of line, it is shameful, it is borderline psychotic. I can hardly wait to hear what the defense is when the spitter turns up in court. According to the report, she walked up to two soldiers who were out of uniform, asked them if they were in the military, and when they said yes she spit in their face.

It is the opening of a terrible episode in the Iraq war, a moment when the blame for the war is misplaced onto the shoulders of the men and women who are doing their duty and fighting a war whatever their personal feelings about the war are.

Where is this story in the Staunton News Leader?

Where is this story in the Waynesboro News-Virginian?

Where is this story in the New York Times?

Where is this story in the Washington Post?

Where is this story on the NBC, ABC, CBS evening newscasts?

Where is this story on CNN?

My point is that anything that goes against the liberal agenda is either not reported or downplayed in the mainstream media ... and that is the root of complaints by conservatives ... but the lib-types retort conservatives do get a fair shake.

No, they don't.

Win the home front by constantly pounding with anti-war stories ... and you will defeat the war effort. Didn't we learn anything from Vietnam? Apparently the libs did because they are using the Vietnam handbook on how to defeat the resolve of a nation in a time of war.

This is the time for Americans in this country to stand up and condemn this type of behavior toward our troops.

John Gibson said it much better than I ... go read his comments in their entirety here.

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