Monday, December 11, 2006

Allen campaign's fault? Wait a second....

When I read Raising Kaine's recent post faulting the Allen campaign for not focusing on issues, I was dismayed that they were still beating that dead horse. I know that from late summer through Election Day Allen's campaign as well as conservative bloggers tried to get Jim Webb and the mainstream media to concentrate on issues.

Thank goodness Jon Henke over at Q and O has responded in a far better way than I could. Jon said:

It's simply incorrect to say that the Allen campaign didn't focus on "on anything that remotely mattered to anyone". In fact, the campaign constantly talked about energy issues, taxes, education and George Allen's record. But most voters didn't hear what the campaign said about those issues, did they? Why not?

Well, there's the rub.

He went on to say:

If you want to complain about insufficient focus on real issues, don't criticize the campaign: criticize the media.

Go here to read Jon's entire post. All I can say is, "Ditto." And ... "thanks."

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