Monday, December 11, 2006

Sean Hannity in Iraq with Rummy last weekend....

"Long weekend" spent with the troops

I'm listening to Sean Hannity's radio show this afternoon ... and he is talking about his trip to Iraq over the weekend with Donald Rumsfeld and Ollie North, something that was kept strictly under wraps. The story for Sean's absence from the show on Friday was that he had the flu ... but he was actually on his way to the Middle East.

His trip was incredibly uplifting for him as he talked with American military members who are distressed the positive message of Iraq still is not getting out through the mainstream media in this country. He asked them if we're losing the war as reported by democrats and media in America ... they rejected it downright and said we are winning. They believe in what they are doing ... and they want to win this war ... not cut and run as is being advocated by the democrats.

The show has only been on for 30 minutes ... transcript will be available later on Sean's website.

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