Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tracy Pyles ... do Augusta Democrats back him in the tax battle?

DJ McGuire over at Right-Wing Liberal wrote a response to the Staunton News Leader's Tuesday editorial about the real estate assessment battle in Augusta County.

In that response, DJ wrote the following:
... perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised that the SNL is missing what’s really going on in Augusta. After all, they had the editorial wherewithal to publish a column by Al Dahler lamenting the weakness of the Democrats in the Shenandoah Valley. I particularly loved this clanger:
If democratic (sic) candidates are able to successfully compete in Virginia’s rural districts, such as our own Augusta County, it would be encouraging.
This was published last Friday (March 6). Perhaps Al and the SNL haven’t noticed that Tracy Pyles - one of the ACAUA’s [Augusta Citizens Against Unfair Assessments] best friends and the lone Democrat on the Augusta Board of Supervisors - is easily the most popular politician in the county right now.

Way to be observant of local trends, SNL editors!
That got me to thinking. Where are the Democrats to back Supervisor Tracy Pyles, the lone Democrat on the board? I've seen Chris Graham, chairman of the Waynesboro Democrats, at meetings and he has covered it in his Augusta Free Press.

But where have the other Democrats been? Are they supporting Tracy? Perhaps I've just missed them in the crowds.

The local Democrat blogs, however, have not mentioned this issue, to my knowledge. But perhaps I missed that, too.

Tracy is the maverick on the board, standing up for what he believes to be in the best interest of county residents. As I've said before, he is my supervisor and since we are on opposite sides of the political fence, we have locked horns on occasion.

But my opinion is he is right on this issue ... that is, if it's proper to call a Democrat "right" on anything. Heh.

So the question remains: Do the Augusta County Democrats back their lone Democrat supervisor on the Board? Inquiring minds want to know....

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