Thursday, December 24, 2009

Al Franken is a big fat idiot

And before the liberals jump on me for the title of this post, let me remind them of Franken's book, Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot.

Franken, as liberal and as partisan as anyone, has publicly kept a lid on his temper and mouthiness since arriving in Congress ... but behind the scenes has been a different matter. The Hill reported that Franken has gone after GOP staffers:
Franken has surprised some of his colleagues behind the scenes by getting into heated tangles with GOP staffers.

One such exchange took place in Franken’s office during a recent meeting with Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) and his aides.

Franken invited Corker to his office to discuss an op-ed that Corker penned in a Tennessee newspaper opposing an amendment Franken offered to a defense bill. The measure gave the employees of defense contractors who suffer rape or sexual assault at the workplace the right to sue in court.

The meeting quickly deteriorated when Franken began berating one of Corker’s aides, according to GOP aides familiar with the incident. Franken’s sally was so harsh that Corker told Franken to lay off his aide and direct the comments at him instead.

Franken’s tough approach came as a surprise because Corker scheduled the meeting to mend fences after Franken confronted him about the op-ed during an angry exchange on the Senate floor.

Another GOP staffer, an aide to a Senate Republican leader, found herself at the sharp end of Franken’s wit at a recent reception in the Senate’s Mansfield Room. The tongue-lashing took place at an event to celebrate the swearing-in of GOP Sen. George LeMieux (Fla.).

After the conversation began ordinarily, Franken started to grill the aide about what he sees as the failings of the GOP. Franken demanded to know why it had become the "Party of No" and had exaggerated facts in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, according to another GOP leadership aide.
As I posted before, this is what happens when a partisan leftist liberal activist gets into Congress.

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Jason Bibeau said...

Mr. Franken is in my opinion a bitter hate filled little man with serious phycological issues. His unyeilding hatred of all that is Republican will ultimatly be his undoing as voters will quickly grow tired of this rhetoric as it rarely solves anything and sometimes makes new problems. I will be surprised to see him serve more than one term less he go un-opposed.