Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tim Murtaugh: My hat's off to you for a job well done

I heard this rumor at the RPV Advance in Williamsburg earlier this month ... now it has proven to be true.

Tim Murtaugh, one of the "M&M Boys," is breaking up the act. Given the name by Gov. George Allen, RPV Communications Director Tim Murtaugh and RPV Chairman Pat Mullins worked well together during the 2009 state elections.

Tim was everywhere. We constantly received press releases, videos, updates ... he kept us up-to-date throughout the campaign and beyond. Now he's moving on, as reported by Jim over at Bearing Drift.

I remember when Tim was a reporter at NBC 29 out of Charlottesville, then he went to a Richmond station, then joined the Jerry Kilgore campaign, and has gone on from there. He is leaving some big shoes to fill at RPV. I'd like to thank him for a job well done and wish him well in his new endeavor.

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