Saturday, December 26, 2009

Monticello will now offer season passes

In what may be a local indication of tough financial times nationwide, Monticello is now offering season passes ... and will rent out areas of the 2,500 estate to groups and organizations.

Live nearby and able to visit Mr. Jefferson's mountaintop home on a fairly regular basis? Purchase a $50 year-long pass and pop in as often as you wish. Want to host a large corporate gathering? There are a number of rental choices, excluding the home itself, available for that purpose.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported on changes to the way business has been run at Monticello:
So far, several companies have held executive meetings at Monticello. In June, more than 100 attendees will visit Monticello for a presidential sites and libraries conference.
Monticello is not currently booking weddings or wedding receptions, but it might do so down the road, Taylor said.

Taylor added that many historic homes and museums rent out their spaces.

"It's a mainstream activity of cultural institutions like ours," she said. "It's a way of getting people engaged with our mission."
And a way to get people to part with their money to go into the pockets of the Foundation to help in running an historic home with extensive grounds.

Check out more details and new operating hours in the RT-D article.

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