Saturday, December 26, 2009

Annual Christmas dinner in Wasilla, AK, with the Palins and local families

Home school mom Tracey in Alaska fills us in with commentary and photos on the 18th anniversary of the annual Wasilla, AK, Christmas dinner that was held Christmas Eve. Yes, Sarah and Todd Palin were there as they are each year helping to serve those going through the line for food. Tracey writes:
I sit here in amazement at what a wonderful event it was that just took place. The Christmas Friendship Dinner held in Wasilla, Alaska is truly unique. I've never seen an event of this size headed up by a group of caring citizens, and not a major organization. They all know what needs to happen, and they get it done. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with members of this group that have been doing this for years. I want to say this to them, and to anyone reading this so you all will know, that this is what makes our community so wonderfully special.
Read the entire post including an article from the local newspaper. Merry Christmas to Tracey and all the good folks in Wasilla!

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