Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sen. Ben Nelson's approval numbers drop in NE

Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NB) was bought out by Harry Reid and the Obama White House to secure his vote for nationalized health care ... and now he is hearing from those he represents at home. His approval rating has dropped dramatically so he ran a 30-second television ad during Wednesday night's Cornhuskers football game. The Heritage Foundation noted:
Politicians usually don’t run ads a month after November, and almost never more than two years before they are up for re-election. But after a new poll showed Nelson with a 55% unfavorable rating and down 30 points to a would-be 2012 challenger, Nelson decided to take to the air. The source of Nebraskans displeasure with Nelson is no secret. 64% of the state opposes the health care legislation Nelson recently voted for in the Senate, and only 17% approve of the special deal Nelson made for Nebraska’s Medicaid program, more commonly known as the Cornhusker Kickback, in order to secure his vote.
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