Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy New Media New Year from Family Foundation

Victoria Cobb, who is director of the Family Foundation, reminds that the conservative news we look for is available through the New Media, not the mainstream media, and that is where we can all continue to follow the news in 2010. She writes:
Now that Christmas festivities are over, we typically look to the New Year with great hope and expectation for better things in our lives. It’s a natural: New Year, New Beginnings. It’s a launching pad for self-improvement and new opportunities.

People look to the public square for fresh starts, too. We hope our elected leaders learn from the mistakes of the past and listen to the peoples’ voice. In Richmond, a new administration and House of Delegates begins work in January. In Washington, however, there are those who continue to force upon us government expansion and intrusions that limit our freedoms in spite of the public’s vehement “No!” So, we have two interesting dynamics: We must watch state government to ensure it keeps its promises and we must engage the federal government to prevent entire takeovers of industries that limit our freedom.

You won’t get the information you need to do that from the Mainstream Media. But you will get it from the New Media. At the Family Foundation Blog, we continue to keep a daily eye on policy, politics and culture, making it an easy, one-stop-shop for you to get all the news, insights and commentary on current events. We hope you make the New Media part of your New Year: Get involved, inform yourself and engage the Commonwealth in the most important issues of the day by reading our blog. Leave comments, see others react and help shape public opinion so we can restore our Commonwealth and country to the days when lawmakers weren’t force feeding us unread and unwanted liberty-restricting legislation. In the New Year, make the New Media revolution your resolution. [emphasis added]

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