Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sen. Ben Nelson in hot water with constituents over health care sell-out

Angry citizens in Nebraska are letting Democrat Sen. Ben Nelson know how they feel about his sell-out vote to Democrats over the nationalized health care bill.

Phone lines to Nelson's offices in Washington and Nebraska were jammed, and a rally in downtown Omaha on Sunday saw 2,000 turnout to express their frustration and anger at his part in the probable Democrat passage of a highly unpopular health care bill that is opposed by 61% of Americans. reported:
Nelson spokesman Jake Thompson said it's not clear how many calls were coming in because the volume exceeds the office's ability to take the calls. He declined to say what that capacity is or how many of the calls have been supportive of the bill and how many opposed.
Not everything was negative. Nelson was supported by fellow Democrat elected officials.

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Craig said...

Would you like it if someone in Nebraska started telling you what was going on in Virginia? I think not. Stick to something you know something about.