Saturday, December 26, 2009

Richmond Times-Dispatch calls health care a "lump of coal"

The Saturday editorial says it all: "Health Care: Lump of Coal." I could not agree more:
The Senate celebrated Christmas Eve by passing its version of health care reform. Although we readily confess that, like several hundred million of our fellow citizens and like just about every bloviating commentator on the left and the right, we have not read the legislation in its entirety, we know the bill is a monstrosity. And how is that? The shenanigans leading to passage make the point. If this bill embodied worthy reform, then senators would not have had to engage in pork-barreling or log-rolling or ear-marking or whatever one wants to call the process to secure passage.
They absolutely hit the nail on the head when nailing Virginia Sens. Webb and Warner with this:
There remains a slight change that public opinion could compel a reassessment, however. Virginians, for instance might want to ask Democrats Mark Warner and Jim Webb why they will be expected to bail out Nebraska's Ben Nelson, Louisiana's Mary Landrieu, and other trenchermen and women.
What say you, Senators?

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