Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sen. Ben Nelson tries to blame his health care sell-out on Nebraska governor

Nebraska's Sen. Ben Nelson is a weasel. He sold out on socialized health care and then blamed it on the Republican governor of the state:
It was the concern of Nebraska's Republican governor over expanded Medicaid costs in the proposed Senate health care overhaul bill that led to a compromise to cover his state's estimated $45 million share over a decade, U.S. Sen. Ben Nelson said Sunday.

Gov. Dave Heineman "contacted me and he said this is another unfunded federal mandate and it's going to stress the state budget, and I agreed with him," the Nebraska Democrat said. "I said to the leader and others that this is something that has to be fixed. I didn't participate in the way it was fixed."

But Heineman expressed anything but gratitude, saying he had nothing to do with the compromise and calling the overhaul bill "bad news for Nebraska and bad news for America."

"Nebraskans did not ask for a special deal, only a fair deal," Heineman said in a statement Sunday.
[emphasis added]
What a weasel. Now the backlash is hitting:
That criticism is only a taste of what Nelson has received since announcing Saturday that he would become the 60th vote needed to advance the landmark legislation.

Despite the perks Nelson managed to garner for Nebraska in finally agreeing to support the overhaul bill, the backlash from those who wanted Nelson to hold a hard line against the measure was immediate.
Not only is Sen. Nelson selling out his constituents, he is selling out the rest of us. With groups such as Nebraska's Right to Life and the Catholic bishops expressing disappointment, Sen. Nelson has likely ended his political career. Indeed ... Republicans in his state have begun the GOP website Give Ben The Boot to be rid of him in 2012.

Democrats ... selling out America.

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