Saturday, December 26, 2009

Nominations for the Demmy Awards

Bob over at The Journey has been inspired by recent Democrat strong-arming of the American public ... and has come up with a new ... ahem ... award.

As Bob so eloquently presented it:
It is time to remember those spineless public servants in the US Senate. The 2009 Demmys are open for nominations. There are some so obvious that I've already created the... er... award.

Others may come to mind so please nominate as many as you wish [limit 60]. ... Write a brief reason why the Senator is deserving... example: "Joe Leiberman, predictably unpredictable... look at his voting record and forget what he says."

I'll have some more from the 'official' Joe Leiberman criticizer, Binyamin Jolkovski, but please go for the creative gold here.
This should be fun and will provide some chuckles and entertainment for New Year's.

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