Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Top biased quotes of 2009 in New York Times

"Documenting and exposing the liberal political agenda of the New York Times," Times Watch has picked the top Times biased quotes of 2009:
New York Times bias often came with a smile in the early part of 2009, with the paper falling hard for Obama's "historic" presidency and limitless intellect. But by late summer that smile had curdled into a snarl, as Times reporters seethed at“angry,” “bitter,” and, above all, “white” tea party protesters who challenged the president on his attempted takeover of health care and his massive spending proposals. Below is a collection of the worst bias the Times has to offer in 2009.
With quotes from Helen Thomas to Maureen Dowd to Paul Krugman and more ... from expressing undying love for Barack Obama while dissing Sarah Palin's supporters and tea party patriots ... all the quotes and authors are listed making it easy to understand why the mainstream media is in serious decline.

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