Thursday, January 14, 2010

Augusta supervisors penalize truckers

The computer screen you're reading ... the chair you're sitting in ... the building materials for your house and business ... even your vehicle to drive to work ... were all delivered by trucks.

Last year Democrats shut down the rest areas in Virginia so truckers had fewer places to rest.

Now Augusta supervisors are cracking down on an off-interstate truck stop in the southern end of the county where truckers seek a place to refuel, rest, eat ... pouring thousands of dollars into local dollar-starved coffers.

In a battle that has continued since the day Pilot Truck Center was built, supervisors voted Wednesday night to enforce stricter parking regulations with patrols and fines.

Welcome to Augusta County, Virginia.

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Joy Jackson said...

Get those trucks off the highways and onto trains! It's so much more efficient, it would unclog the roads, make travel safer for everyone and the truck drivers would be able to get the rest they need on the trains.