Thursday, August 12, 2010

Eric Cantor on federal spending: "Enough is enough"

Wednesday night, Congressman Eric Cantor appeared with Greta van Susteren "On the Record" to talk about the latest Obama/Pelosi billion dollar bailout.

In the course of the interview, Rep. Cantor discussed Washington's continuing inability under Democrat leadership to connect with the American people and recognize that Congress has a borrowing and spending problem that needs to be solved. As he said, "Enough is enough."

Among the highlights, Rep. Cantor continues to fight for the private sector over the public sector and stressed the need to end Washington's failed "job creation" boondoggles:
"It comes down to the fact that if you assume the money is going to be spent anyway, who do you want spending the money? Do you want the private sector to invest the money and create jobs in the private sector or do you want Washington to tax the private sector to spend money the way Congress feels it ought to be spent? In this instance, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats feel it ought to be spent to help the states and bail them out of their budget woes."
"Does Washington think that it can create jobs in any meaningful way? I don’t think so."

To see the full interview, please click here.

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