Tuesday, August 10, 2010

U.S. Park Police stop National Anthem ... overstepping their authority?

Let me be sure I've got this straight. A group of American high school students, members of the Young America's Foundation, singing the National Anthem on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, is wrong in the eyes of the U.S. Park Police who told them to stop?

At a time when there are problems with drugs, alcohol, and gangs, why would park police try to silence law-abiding youth showing patriotic pride? If they are not allowed to sing the National Anthem on federal property, where can they sing it?

Is this yet another case of political correctness run amuk?

Not only did the students continue singing but they were joined by tourists who were also visiting the monument.

Perhaps this latest incident strikes Americans more at a time when there is heated debate in New York City about a Muslim mosque going up near Ground Zero. While they are expected to avoid being offensive to any group or religion, Americans are being denied the same rights.

It has got to stop. As one person commented on the Fox News story:
Patriots singing our anthem because of their love of our country is bad. But wanting to put a mosque right there in sacred ground where 3000 people of all races and religions were murdered by [religious zealots] is good. Do I have this right?

Removing all traces of the Lord's Prayer, monuments featuring the 10 Commandments and anything remotely Biblical is good. ... So do I have that right? If I do have this right, someone want to tell me how I managed to wind up in this alternate universe? And can you tell me how to get back to my planet where insanity like this doesn't exist?
Actually, perhaps thanks are due to the Park Service for calling attention to a group that works with young people, educating and providing opportunities they may otherwise not have available to them. The occasion of the controversial singing was a trip to the Nation's Capital, the first many at been in Washington, DC.

Preserving liberty is an eternal vigil. Wake up, America!

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The 'Mutilation of Liberty' continues.