Friday, August 06, 2010

Out and about the SWAC area on a summer day

One of the things I enjoy most about living in a small town is seeing folks I know when I'm out and about. Today was no exception as we ran errands and checked the sales tax-free shopping.

Kohl's in Waynesboro was packed with moms, kids, and grandmoms shopping for back-to-school clothing. Target was packed with more back-to-school shopping, and other stores benefited as well.

When we stopped at Martin's Food Mart in Staunton, we ran into a friend in the parking lot and briefly exchanged upcoming information. Heading in the door, we saw another acquaintance and said hello, and then buzzed through the produce department, grabbing some fruit and veggies.

Heading to the back of the store, we ran into former Delegate Chris Saxman who had run by to buy ribs to grill for Nora's 11th birthday bash. Eleven! Can you believe that child is eleven already? After a big hug, we stood in the aisle and yakked about kids, politics, and stuff. He's looking good ... those blue eyes were laughing as we talked. He's enjoying some well-deserved family time but he knows we're still itching to recruit him for something at some time. It may be after John, his youngest, graduates from high school. We bid him good-bye and finished shopping, then headed outside where a neighbor was parked beside us.

I love living in a small town....

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