Friday, August 20, 2010

Karen Hughes: "Move the Mosque as a sign of unity"

Karen Hughes, counselor to former President George W. Bush and one of his inner circle, has an op-ed piece in the Sunday Washington Post. It begins:
The national debate about building a mosque near Ground Zero in New York is less about our freedom of religion than about the common sense and uncommon courtesy sometimes required to come together as Americans. In our society, we are free to do many things that we nonetheless choose not to.
Another voice weighs in on the Ground Zero Mosque controversy and it may not be what the "ask-Bush-what-he-thinks" liberal crowd had hoped to hear. Karen joins Karl Rove in suggesting an alternate location. Karen and Karl were the President's closest confidants ... and they are probably as close to a voice from the President as anyone will hear. Former Bush speech writer Michael Gerson has spoken out in support of the Mosque but he was never one of the true "insiders."

Weasel Zippers suggests Nancy Pelosi will now have to investigate Karen Hughes as one of the many against the Mosque locating so close to Ground Zero.

Byron York opines in the Washington Examiner, "A statement from Hughes, whose thinking often seemed to track closely with Bush's, could be a clue to the former president's thinking." True enough.

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