Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hello from Wrangell ... dispatches from Alaska

In their continuing journey through Alaska by way of the ferry system, friends sent the latest dispatch from Wrangell....
Left Juneau yesterday, arrived Wrangell this evening. It has been a cloudy, misty, foggy, cold 2 days. We didn't sit out much to whale watch -- we just let the Captain tell us when they were in sight and went out then. We could have used some of the East Coast heat in the bone chilling temps. WE turned up the heat in the stateroom. It didn't bother the Alaskan crew -- they were out in shirt sleeves. Met a crew chief born in Abington, Virginia, and we had some good chats. He misses our tomatoes more than anything ... good tomato sandwiches.

We are off in the morning for another boat ride, AnAn Bear & Wildlife Tour, then up at five on Monday for a 10 hour fishing trip. I'll be back in touch before we head out of here for Bellingham. Our trip is winding down. We watched our ferry leave heading out to Ketchikan while we were eating dinner. It was our second trip on her and we felt like we were saying good-bye to a dear good friend and miss the crew already.
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