Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Riley: "Southbridge kicks off 20th anniversary celebration"

My boss over at Virginia Virtucon, Jim Riley, who is president of the Southbridge Community Association Board of Directors, has a piece in today's InsideNoVa.com News and Messenger about the community's 20th anniversary that begins:
Dumfries, Va. - 1990. The number one song of the year was "Hold On" by Wilson Phillips. The top movie at the box office was "Home Alone." On TJim is president of the Southbridge Community Association Board of Directors. V, "Cheers" held the top spot.

I was in college in Massachusetts, my wife was still in high school in Upstate New York, and our children were not even gleams in our eyes that had yet to gaze upon one another.
Southbridge is a large neighborhood that needs lots of volunteers to help in many capacities, as he explains in his conclusion:
Wherever you live, whatever your talent or interest, your community can find something for you to do that can help your neighborhood meet its full potential. I ask that you take whatever time you can spare to volunteer and make your corner of Prince William County the very best that it can be.
Hats off to the many presidents and volunteers of the many community associations in the SWAC area, across the state, and across the nation.

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