Monday, August 09, 2010

Photos of Afghanistan by Brian Carterelli

Brian Carterelli, 25, was murdered in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Friday along with nine fellow humanitarian aid workers returning from providing medical treatment to isolated villages high in the mountains of Aghanitan. A 2009 graduate of James Madison University (Harrisonburg, Va.), he was a photographer and videographer. These are his photos that helped provide a glimpse into a people in a remote corner of the world most of us will hear about on the news but will never see.

A wall built by Alexander the Great.

Takhaterestan. An ancient Buddist warrior/king built this along with his caves.

Photos by Brian Carterelli

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Joy Jackson said...

How beautiful. He has left a legacy, but he was so young. I try to imagine how I would feel is this happened to me and I can hardly bear the thought. May God comfort his family and all who loved him.

Citizen Tom said...

I did my own post on the murders, but I must admit I enjoyed seeing the photos more.