Monday, November 01, 2010

Clearwaters Seafood Bistro closes its doors

We had heard a rumor that Clearwaters Seafood Bistro in Waynesboro was closing effective October 30, 2010. A call to the restaurant confirmed that, something we were sad to hear. The restaurant had good ambiance, the food was good, and the location convenient. Opening a restaurant in this financial climate was brave. However, a lack of customers made the owners decide to close. Too bad ... it was a great place to eat, as we wrote about before.

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bj7176 said...

I want to thank all the guests that supported our restaurant this year. The great staff and management enjoyed serving each and every guest.

Since we anounced our closing of the restaurant on October 30, 2010 the response has been overwhelming.

Thanks for your well wishes. If anyone needs great people working for them, consider my employees.

Thanks again,

Bill Jackson, owner/manager
Clearwaters Seafood Bistro