Saturday, November 06, 2010

Mort Zuckerman: "America's love affair with Obama is over"

It was the economy that most concerned Americans the past two years, not health care ... but Democratic President Barack Obama was determined to jam ObamaCare down the throats of every American whether they wanted it or not.

The result? Tuesday election that saw decades of Democratic leadership swept from office and the possibility of Republicans retaining House leadership through at least 2022. In a nutshell, America's love affair with Obama is over and it was abundantly clear as the dust settled after the 2010 midterm elections.

Mort Zuckerman wrote:
The results represent a sharp rebuke to President Obama, who interpreted his 2008 "vote for change" as a mandate for changing everything and all at once. Right from the start, he got his priorities badly wrong, sacrificing the need to help create jobs in favor of his determination to pass Obamacare. It was the state of the economy that demanded genius and concentration, and it just did not get it. The president will now have to respond to public anger, not with anger management and, not, please God, with still more rhetoric. The unusually revealing exit polls spell it all out—how he re-energized the Republican Party, lost the independent center, and failed to overcome the widespread sense that the country is heading in the wrong direction.
Bill Clinton's campaign slogan in the 1990s was, "It's the economy, Stupid." Barack Obama could have used the same slogan in 2010. Good read from Mr. Zuckerman.

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joetote said...

Mort is soft peddling here. He has lost the support because the electorate is finally coming to it's senses as to the President's hard left Anti-American Soviet Style agenda, one which any body who had bothered to read his book would have known he would follow. Unfortunately, the American public is easily fooled by soundbites and lying promises, but once they come to the realization they've been had, they tend to fight back as they did somewhat earlier this week. But as to hard core leftists, they don't compromise and neither should we.