Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Eric Cantor (VA-7) seeks House Majority Leader position

Rep. Eric Cantor (VA-7), currently the minority whip in the U.S. House of Representatives, sent a letter to his Republican colleagues today announcing his intention to seek the majority leader position now that power has shifted to the Republicans. Below is Rep. Cantor's letter....

November 3, 2010

Dear Republican Colleague:

Congratulations on your election and for being a major part of a new Republican resurgence.  For the past two years, Democrats have refused to listen.  Now that we have been given a trust – we will not make that mistake. 

I have long believed that success for the Republican Party is tied to success for America.  Thomas Jefferson once remarked that “governments are republican only in proportion as they embody the will of the people, and execute it.” 

To that end, we must govern differently.  Not just differently than the Democrats, but differently from our previous majority.  And job number one is to focus on more jobs for more Americans and to shift the economy from stall to forward. It’s time to produce results.  Americans are asking for the opportunity to assume responsibility and get back to earning success.  I also believe we need to change the culture of Washington.  I believe that we must change the culture of spending that has prevailed for far too long.  And I believe we need to change our expectations of the Congress, the Leadership, the committees, and of each of us.

I have announced my intention to stand for election as Majority Leader because I am results oriented and I want to help lead that effort and bring about these changes.  I write not only to ask for your support, but also to outline some thoughts as to how we can seize the opportunity and make these changes.

Let us be under no illusion – many of those who cast their vote for Republicans yesterday have their share of doubts about whether we are up to the task of governing; about whether congressional Republicans have learned our lesson.

I harbor no such doubts....

Read the rest of the letter here.

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