Monday, November 01, 2010

Washington Examiner: Election 2010 wave still building ... about to crash?

Everyone is all over the internet checking last-minute polling numbers before Election 2010. There is a wealth of information to read over at the Washington Examiner including their voter guide that has every race listed in each state.

Wave still building ... about to crash by David Freddoso

Virginia could be bellwether for 2010 midterms by David Sherfinski

New GOP star on track to beat Russ Feingold by Byron York

Pelosi and Obama's agenda down in flames by Hugh Hewitt

On election eve, Harry Reid faces prospect of defeat by Byron York

Jon Stewart gets laughs but now the joke is on Obama ... WaExaminer Editorial

Is Va. a bellwether state in 2010 mid-term elections? by Lynn R. Mitchell

My predictions for election night in Virginia by Norm Leahy

Check the Washington Examiner throughout the day for updates about Tuesday's election.

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