Monday, November 29, 2010

The spending spree continues in Washington

By Congressman Bob Goodlatte
Republican - VA-6

Next week the U.S. House of Representatives is scheduled to return to Washington. At that time we are expected to consider how the government will continue to operate into the new year. This is the direct result of the fact the Democrat controlled Congress failed to pass a budget or enact any of the twelve annual spending bills that fund all government operations. Recent reports indicate that the Democrats hope to consider a $1.11 trillion omnibus spending bill that would increase expenditures by hundreds of billions of dollars.

In the past two years, with our economy still struggling, the Majority in Congress has worked hard to raise taxes, increase federal spending, allow our national debt to spiral out of control, and pass legislation that gives the federal government more control of our daily lives. They have spent trillions on bailouts and stimulus packages to help grow our economy, but all it has done is increase our debt and the size of the federal bureaucracy while leaving our nation’s unemployment rate hovering around ten percent.

As the Wall Street Journal correctly noted in a recent editorial, “the Pelosi Congress has used the recession as an excuse to send spending to record heights, and its economic policies have contributed to a lousy recovery. The solution is to stop the spending and change the policies.” Unfortunately the Democrats continue to ignore this message and their proposed continuing resolution seems to be more of the same excessive government spending.

In stark contrast to the Democrats’ out-of-control government spending, I am pleased to support a fiscally responsible continuing resolution which has been proposed by the Republican Study Committee (RSC). This alternative resolution reflects Washington’s need to make tough decisions about spending priorities, cut wasteful programs, and respect taxpayers’ wallets. It provides for a full-year continuing resolution for fiscal year 2011 that protects defense and veterans spending, while returning all other discretionary spending to fiscal year 2008 levels -- the amounts in effect prior to this Congress’s spending spree. Over a full year this resolution has the potential to save tens of billions of dollars.

Additionally, the plan will defund the Democrats new government takeover of health care, and prohibit any FY 2011 appropriations from being used for earmarks.

As elected officials and stewards of the taxpayer’s money, we have a responsibility to put together a sustainable budget and stick to it. I have consistently supported measures to rein in the federal budget and curb spending by voting for the tightest budgets and spending bills possible. I will continue working hard to bring fiscal responsibility back to Washington by supporting the RSC continuing resolution which tightens the budget and reduces wasteful spending.

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