Thursday, November 25, 2010

Facebook status updates for Thanksgiving

Today it was easy to keep updated with friends, family, and acquaintances with Facebook status updates throughout the day. Family far away, friends, former school classmates, church friends, neighbors, political allies, fellow bloggers ... all checked in at one time or another.

Thanksgiving with my family was heart-warming as we cooked together, laughed together, cleaned up together, celebrated SWAC Niece's birthday ... being together was enough.

I'm wrapping up the evening with one of my favorite heroes, former President George W. Bush, as I watch his incredible interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News as they air excerpts from his book, "Decision Points," and listen to those who were around him during his years of leadership -- Karen Hughes, Andy Card, Dana Perino, and others. He is truly a class act ... he was a strong and good leader who kept America safe after 9/11 ... he is still respected by members of the military, and he still respected by most who worked for him throughout the White House years. George W. Bush is also on Facebook.

Every day has its challenges ... some are more than others ... never give up and never lose your optimism. We live in the greatest country in the world and it is worth working hard to find the right leaders. Thanksgiving has offered an opportunity to reflect and remember.

Tomorrow ... shopping!

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