Saturday, November 06, 2010

Election reflection....

Writers at the Washington Examiner have been dissecting and reflecting on Tuesday's 2010 midterm election that saw Democrats swept out of office in historic proportions. There are some great reads including this sampling:

- They ignored us by Michael Barone

- Voters reject Obama's Big Government ambitions by Michael Barone

- Obama, new lawmakers are on a collision course by Byron York

- Elections have consequences: Republicans could control U.S. House until 2022 by E.D. Kain

- Keith Olbermann's October surprise by Rob Port

- Big political price of health care law by Ben Deomenech

- A few more notes on Va's races by Norm Leahy

- The Second Amendment's great election night by David Kopel

- Lost in La La Land by Jim Bacon

- Campaign lessons of desperation by David Freddoso

- Obama spurns tea parties for not being more like him by David Limbaugh

- Obama's tax hikes are a war on small business by Michelle Malkin

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