Thursday, June 23, 2011

Augusta BOS prediction for Beverley Manor

Word comes this afternoon that Jeremy Shifflett, who covers Beverley Manor district, will hold a press conference at the Augusta County Government Center at 4:00 p.m.

Prediction: He will announce that he's running for re-election as supervisor of Beverley Manor.

More on this candidate later....

Update 7:25 pm: My prediction was true. Shifflett announced that he was running for re-election.

Reading from a prepared statement, he abruptly ended and, after a few moments of awkward silence as the five people listening seemed to be waiting for a warp-up "thank you for coming out," reporter Bob Stuart with the Waynesboro News Virginian asked questions followed by reporter Calvin Trice from the Staunton News Leader.

His opponent will be David Karaffa, a critical cardiac RN at the local hospital who recently participated in the first of a series of townhall meetings to listen to citizen concerns and offer a vision for the county.  Karaffa would represent a fresh, new voice on a board that has lost the confidence of many Augusta County residents.

A third candidate who ran four years ago and appeared to be preparing to run again told me she will not be challenging either candidate.

Shifflett is part of the old board, four of whom have now announced their retirement.

That leaves David Beyeler, 72, from South River, as the only one who hasn't announced his intentions. My prediction: he will not run again and has hand-picked someone to step into his place, holding out as long as possible to announce to avoid giving others the opportunity to adequately prepare for the upcoming July GOP mass meetings.

It's time for some new blood on the Augusta County Board of Supervisors who will listen to the people and work together to solve issues facing the county. Candidates so far are  Kurt Michael (Wayne), popular Pastures District Supervisor Tracy Pyles, David Karaffa (Beverley Manor), and Marshall Pattie (North River) as well as Michael Shull (Riverheads) and Larry Wills (Middle River).

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